It’s a Military Life Corporation is a military spouse and veteran network that advances resiliency, promotes community involvement, and forges meaningful relationships.

Programs We Offer

It’s a Military Life’s Veteran Pen Pal Project is a year-round, nationwide project centered around a simple act of kindness – sending a letter of gratitude to our nation’s heroes!

The Veteran Pen Pal Project connects veteran communities such as veteran centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and VA hospitals with pen pals around the world.

It’s a Military Life Career Ready Cohort  is one of our newest resources for military spouses and transitioning service members – to give them a voice, hands-on experiences, and to guide them on their professional journey. This program is unique because it has the busy and unpredictable military community lifestyle in mind.

It’s a Military Life believes it is important to give back to our community, whether it is military or civilian related. We do that, by creating a network of outreach programs to provide volunteer opportunities for military and civilian families. We will help match you with the an opportunity that best fits your outreach interest and commitment level at this time.

It's a Military Child Life This is a place that celebrates our military kids each and every day by providing resources and activities with the military child in mind.





It's a Military Life Community is a hub for milsos, military spouses, current service members, & veterans to come together to better navigate everyday military life. This is done by sharing advice & resources about the daily ups and downs, PCSing, deployment, and transition.

It’s A Military Life is a certified 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports the military spouse and veteran communities by providing network opportunities that foster resilience, community involvement, and meaningful relationships.


Education and Professionalism


With our It’s a Military Connection program our mission is to bridge the gap between the civilian workforce and the military community. Active-duty service members along with their spouses are often in a bubble and not always prepared to transition into life beyond the military, and our goal whether they are still serving, or veterans, is to create opportunities for them to learn both hard and soft skills that will allow them to confidently present themselves in today’s job market.

We also aim to partner with both large corporations and small businesses to present job fairs, skill-building opportunities, and networking opportunities. We are not always born ready. Though the few who dare to dream deserve to be proud of their experience and know that they will come out of it greater and stronger. Whether forged by the sea, land or air let’s come together to aim high, fly, fight and win.

Community Involvement

At It's a Military Life, we are looking to create a community to help others learn about outreach opportunities to serve others to better themselves and those around them. One of our programs, It’s a Military Outreach Life, focuses solely on finding ways to work together to build up our service members, veterans, military families, and our surrounding communities.

It's a Military Outreach Life extends a hand and lends a voice to those that serve our military and local communities around the world. Our vision at It’s a Military Outreach Life is to build and encourage each other through volunteerism and advocacy as a military community.
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Advocacy and Outreach

Advocacy is the profession of an advocate while outreach is the act or practice of visiting and providing the services (of a charity or other organization) to people who might not otherwise have access to those services. Outreach is to reach further than; to surpass or exceed; to go too far. We provide advocacy and outreach within all four of our programs, which reaches a variety of people ranging from veterans to military children and families.

Below are a few of our resources to help guide you.



Military Child and Teen Development

For a Military Child it is important to be understood and not misunderstood.  In a lifestyle where everything is always changing, sometimes the only constant is knowing change is coming. With change, finding the resources your child needs can be challenging.

To make things a little easier, here are just a few resources we feel will help guide you in the right direction from our resource partners as well as directly from our program, It’s a Military Child Life.


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It's a Military Life, is currently fundraising to cover the startup costs associated with forming a nonprofit organization IML has served the military community through several events and programs since 2020 including partnering with numerous organizations and businesses in an effort to support all facets of the military community.