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All great change in America begin at the dinner table.

Ronald Reagan

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One of my favorite memories as a child involved my mother’s home-cooked meals. We all gathered around the dinner table, prayed as a family, and discussed our day. This was our time. Our time to truly spend quality moments together, with the comforts of delicious food and the ones we love all in one place – the dinner table.

The American dinner table looks different to each family and that is the beauty of our country. If I were to visit my neighbor’s house, go to dinner at a friend’s place, or anyone else’s home – every experience with each person would be unique. Families gather together to eat and connect in different ways.

Some families eat at the dinner table almost every night. Others meal prep for the week, and hope for the best when it comes to sitting down to enjoy the well prepared food. Many people are so busy, they either eat on the go, or at least have special meal times scheduled for whenever they have free time together.

As a military spouse, mother of two little ones, and entrepreneur – I understand busy. Busy happens, but let’s carve out at least one day a week when we make time to be around the dinner table with our families. We can do it! I promise. Even if this takes time to become a tradition, your family’s relationship will be so much stronger – full of memories of those unforgettable comforting smells of you favorite dishes and the laughter of your family’s loving conversations. Change really does start at the dinner table.

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