IML founder is a military spouse entrepreneur that is a premium member and writer at AMSE. This organization has helped her build up this community and network!

AMSE (Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs)



AMSE™ (Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs) connects Military Spouse entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to become successful in launching and growing their businesses. AMSE is an Exclusive Community for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs to Learn How to Launch, Build, or Scale Their Own Business.

Military Spouses are always investing in their military members education and career, their families, volunteering, and always think of themselves last! AMSE™ is an exclusive space for Military Spouses who want to take their future into their own hands, on their own terms.



Our vision

To create a global resource database for Military Spouses to connect, learn, and empower themselves with the tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

The impact

By empowering military spouses to take their careers into their own hands, they gain the skills needed to successfully employ themselves, on their own terms and pay scale. This leads to not only financial stability but overall happiness and self confidence, creating a lasting impact in our military families and furthering our mission readiness as a nation.

The process

Our hands-on, peer-to-peer approach is what sets AMSE™ apart in the Military Spouse Entrepreneur space. Our members get access to an online dashboard, monthly content themes, national subject matter experts, mentorship, resources, and so much more. All in a community of individuals living the same nomadic military lifestyle.

Our members

Since our membership is virtual, it allows access for Military Spouses no matter where they are stationed. AMSE™ is comprised of members stationed and living globally; active or retired military; those in the ideation stage to the scaling stage of business. AMSE™ is a community BY Military Spouse Entrepreneurs FOR Military Spouse Entrepreneurs.

More about AMSE



It’s simple!

  • Go to AMSE Members
  • Hover on the “Memberships” tab at the upper right header and select FREEMIUM or PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP from the dropdown tab.
  • Complete the application to create your profile. Make sure to note your username and password!
  • Fill out your profile completely! Set aside 5-10 minutes to complete this so you can get started networking, joining groups, and connecting with other members.

A completed profile will also ensure that you are included in the Military Spouse Entrepreneur Guide in our Business Directory.

The next guide releases in September, so don’t delay!
For more information or to answer any questions, you can consult the FAQ section under Memberships or contact us at .

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