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How do you handle the silence of a child when a parent is no longer in the house? I was that “silent” child. I understand you and your feelings.

Carolyn Dupont While growing up, I felt an abundance of love from my family, and that’s what gave me the confidence to write “The Knock...a collection of childhood memories”. This book is your gateway to be used as a resource to guide focused conversations that promote healthy healing. Even though the story is set in another time, the issues and emotions of yesterday are the same as today.
Carolyn Dupont

During my last years of teaching, I saw support staff dealing with the children’s social emotional issues: parental separation through incarceration, divorce, single motherhood, even death from drug overdoses. The staff worked so hard to help these children, but there wasn’t a relatable book to guide children through the emotional emptiness.  So I used my reaction to my Dad’s deployment experience and my feelings to help children understand they are not alone.

Their feelings are real and having someone to talk to makes a huge difference in how a child may handle their situation. The feelings are the same regardless of the situation.
When we weave in little learning lessons that instill values and attitudes, we help children in their daily lives.




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The Knock has won 12 awards, which includes three 5-star reviews. There are two levels, two books with the same title, written for two levels of readers.
Both levels, early reader and middle school reader are written as a memoir describing a difficult time in my life. The difference
between the two books is that Level 2 is more reflective with more historical information. This book has detail to enable more connections, which allows for further discussion.

The reader observes my story and then applies the experience to their own interpretation of their story.
Hopefully, my experience can help with their own situation. Looking at my story may allow for open discussions within the family, which could make their stress that much easier to handle.






Carolyn Dupont I am an award-winning author of children’s books. I have a Masters degree in Education and I am a former elementary teacher and Special Education Assessment specialist. My first book,
The Knock, is the recipient of 12 international awards, including the Certificate of Excellence in Children’s Literature, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. I reside in New Hampshire with my husband and three grown sons.

My website is carolynwatkinsbooks.com where you can download complimentary teacher guides to help supplement the books.

You can find me on
Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

All my very best to you and your family,
Carolyn Watkins


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The Knock
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See inside The Knock Level 2


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