Author: Melissa Aguirre – E-RYT500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist – Mel Marie Yoga

This week let’s talk about breath. A few things to note, breath is directly connected to your nervous system (inhaling energizes you, exhaling relaxes you). Breath impacts how we digest things (foods, thoughts, and feelings). Breath is a birthright that can train our nervous system and body towards optimal health and resilience. Breath is a superpower for keeping you centered, relaxed and clear. This is just the beginning. Here is a simple tool to find your breath this week. 

Wherever you are, pause and notice your natural breath. Don’t control it. Just watch it. Is it shallow? Sporadic? Soft? Begin to direct your breath to expand into your belly, feel the belly rise, and exhale the belly fall. Belly breath is a soothing practice to aid all the above. For extra support in experiencing belly breath, take your palms on your belly and breathe into your hands. Feel the rise and fall (sitting/standing/lying down). Drop into this a few times today and begin to fine-tune this superpower to empower you. You are centered, soft and powerful.

So often, coming home to ourselves as military spouses can be challenging as the home is defined so much more than where we are but who we are. Home is within you and the way you orchestrate your love. Whether through breath, self-care, mindfulness, or finding joy- these practices of coming home to ourselves can be supportive when the physical world seems crazy or uncertain. But one thing's for certain, your breath and this now moment. Give yourself permission to come home to you. 

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