It’s a Military Life is excited to announce the upcoming fall series of our cohort immersion program, It’s a Military Connection! This program is a fully immersive 10-week professional development experience aimed at helping military spouse participants navigate career and volunteer pathways as they grow their skillset.

This exciting 10-week experience will highlight many topics that today’s savvy professionals will need on their career journey, including networking, software training, resume writing, coaching and mentorship, and resource partnerships with military spouse-owned and operated businesses ready to work, cohort participants!

As a member of the program, participants will have full access to the course curriculum over Google Classroom, integrated with various Google Suite Apps. They will gain familiarity with more innovative project management, time management, organization, and collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack,, Kovii, Marco Polo, and more!

We will be kicking off the fall series of the program with a one-week It’s a Military Connection Kickoff Challenge where participants will get a sneak peek into the program with live Zoom sessions daily, a wealth of informative, professional development, and short daily tasks to get familiar with what the full course will offer! Enrollment will open on the last day of the Kickoff Challenge and continue for one week before the 10-week immersion program officially gets started!

Enroll Today!

Enroll TODAY for FREE! Donation at checkout is appreciated to assist us with funding our nonprofit’s military community programs. Join your military community members in a Kickoff Challenge Week beginning August 23rd. The Kick-Off Challenge week is all about learning how rewarding, satisfying, and joyful professional development can be! Kick-Off Challenge Week participants are encouraged to join the cohort immersion program – It’s a Military Connection – after completing the challenge week! A simple donation of $1 or more to support programs just like this one is greatly appreciated. All proceeds go towards funding our nonprofit organization’s programs for military spouses, families, and veterans.

Did you miss the Kick Off Challenge Week? You’re in luck! Enrollment is open for the cohort immersion program. Click here for more details!

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We hope you can join us!

The IML Team

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