Think Brushing Teeth=Exercise Habits

Written By: Casey, IML Fitness Contributor What do you do??? YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH, DUH!!!!!! Gross analogy maybe but do you already know where I’m going with this? Hint: Think brushing teeth = healthy eating/exercise habits! You’ve committed and recommitted to brushing daily just to quit hundreds of times over…. You’ve been in a REALLY… Continue Reading Think Brushing Teeth=Exercise Habits

Strength Sliders Exercise with Zohra

Workout By: Zohra @zohragalka Today’s workout includes only strength sliders!! These moves will have you feeling the burn while defining the lower body. Try these out and let us know what you think. And if you don’t have strength sliders feel free to use paper plates they work just as great!  WORKOUT: Curtsy slide pulse lunge… Continue Reading Strength Sliders Exercise with Zohra