Interview By: Christina Etchberger

Though I can’t reach out to each of them in the U.S., the veterans and veteran spouses in military community care facilities will be a good start.

Melissa Johnson, Founder of Adopt-a-Grandparent: Veterans Edition

The Interview

Christina Etchberger talks with Melissa Johnson, founder of Adopt-a-Grandparent: Veterans Edition. Melissa shares about her amazing program for veterans and veteran spouses. She is also teaming up with GivingMilitaryTuesday for her book drive! In addition, Melissa is supporting Veteran Last Patrol’s: Operation Holiday Salute by setting up card writing stations for people to make cards for the veterans this holiday season. All while prepping for PCS! Truly inspiring!

Adopt-a-Grandparent: Veterans Edition was founded by Melissa Johnson, an active duty military spouse. Through conversations with retiree spouses, Melissa discovered there was a real disconnect between veterans & veteran spouses and the active duty military community. With this program, Johnson hopes to bridge that gap and reconnect those servicemembers who came before us (and their spouses) to that familiar community of spouses and troops they once knew so well.

The hope is that everyone who participates in this program, “adopter” and “adoptee” alike, will feel a renewed sense of worth and spirit. That the younger generation find value in the time spent getting to know our older generation while our veterans and veteran spouses discover a new appreciation for the next generation. A goal is that both parties find a mutual understanding and respect for one another and grow a lasting relationship that can change their lives.

Find Adopt-a-Grandparent: Veterans Edition on Instagram and Facebook. Adopt-a-Grandparent: Veterans Edition is also featured on at It’s a Military Outreach Life page. Click here for more information!

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