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We are happy to introduce Ashleigh Magee as our new Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Contributor! Read more about Ashleigh and all that she does for the military spouse and veteran community below. Here’s to a more fit and healthy lifestyle!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself! What is your background in nutrition and fitness, and how has your wellness journey changed your life professionally and personally?

I’m an active duty Naval officer as well as a dual military spouse. I actually became passionate about health through my own struggles with my weight and health, both mental and physical. At the beginning of my career in the Navy, I had a hard time passing weigh-ins as well as the Physical Readiness Test (PRT). I was constantly stressed about my body, and I was already developing alarming health markers like high cholesterol at the age of 22. On top of this, I had a grueling work schedule that wasn’t fulfilling, and I began struggling with depression. At my lowest, I realized I needed to change, but I didn’t know how to fit taking care of myself into my hectic schedule.

The small changes I was able to make eventually turned into habits that completely transformed my health. I no longer worried about my weight, and I was easily able to pass the PRT. As my physical health improved, I gradually found my way out of my depression as well. Because of this experience, I was able to start helping others improve their health as well, ultimately transitioning into owning my own business.

Teaching small habit changes for a sustainable healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of my coaching practice. I’ve developed into a leader that helps my co-workers, sailors, and clients live healthier lives with the balance they desire. Personally, I love helping others, and being a health coach has been more fulfilling than any Navy job I’ve had. 

2) What inspired you to start Ashleigh Magee Coaching? How do you motivate others as a coach?

After I improved my own health, I naturally started helping others. I loved seeing their progress and helping them through the tough spots. At the same time, I knew I wasn’t planning on staying in the Navy for a 20-year career, so I had started looking for other employment options. I was helping a friend one day and she said, “Why don’t you start a coaching business? You’re really good at it.”

I realized that it was a perfect fit, and started researching how to start and run a business. I actually invested in a business coach to help me develop my program and enroll clients. When it comes to motivating my clients and those in my community, I like a balance of tough love as well as ensuring they celebrate their small wins.

I will always be honest and show them when they’re making excuses or sabotaging their progress. At the same time, I show them throughout our time together how to see and celebrate “non-scale victories,” so they not only stay motivated, but also feel pride in their own accomplishments. I also only teach and recommend processes that I personally use in my own life which creates a lot of trust with my clients as well. 

3) What resources do you provide, and how does your program help people practice healthy eating habits, workout routines, and overall healthy lifestyle?

There are essentially two ways to learn from me. The first are my free resources. I have a weekly podcast called Healthy Women Warriors that is focused on improving health for women in the military community. I have a mix of solo episodes as well as interviews with other health and wellness experts. I also have a Facebook Group called Healthy Women Warriors where I show up daily to teach and motivate the women in the group. Lastly, I have a free 7-day Clean Eating Challenge that is great for anyone looking to learn how to eat healthier or wants a reset. Of course, I’m also on IG and Facebook.
If someone is interested in working with me one-on-one as a coach, I have a paid program in which I teach my clients how to create healthy habits in what I call the four pillars of health: food, fitness, sleep, and mindset. I also work with a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer to provide my clients custom meal plans and workout plans. Lastly, you get 8 1-hr coaching sessions with me. I personally vet every client to ensure we’re a fit to work together before taking anyone on, so if someone is interested in working with me, they can either email me or message me on social media to schedule a call. 

4) As a coach, what is your favorite part about what you do? What’s one part of the program that is a game changer for those wanting to live a healthier life?

My favorite part is seeing my clients regain hope as they see their progression. Most of my clients have tried fad diets or simply feel that nothing works for them, so they come to me discouraged. I love seeing their transformation as they begin to believe in themselves and their surprise as their weight starts to come off after only 8-weeks of working together.

I think the biggest component that sets my program apart is the customization. Health is not “one-size-fits-all,” but we often act like it is, so when something doesn’t work, we blame ourselves. The problem is that everybody is different, and we all have different demands in our life. I show my clients how they can be healthy even if they’re a single mom with 3 kids or retired and post-menopausal. It’s very empowering for them.

5) Where can people connect with you on social media to learn more?

You can find the Healthy Women Warriors group on Facebook. My business page is on Facebook, as well. I’m also on IG @ashmageecoach!

Please also check out the podcast, Healthy Women Warriors wherever you listen to your podcasts! Lastly, you can always send me an email at if you’d like to connect directly and learn more.

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