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Homeschooling: How to Begin

How does a family even begin to start teaching their child or multiple children at home? Learn through playing! As a former full time teacher, with experiences ranging from preschool to adult education, I always used the summer time to plan out my school year. Perfect! It is summer, so time to plan! I have […]

Homeschooling: Start Simple with Pre-K Goals

Summer is a time for teacher prep and finding out what works for you. We always have a scheduled day in our house (2.5 year old and 8 month old brothers), but our activities are mostly very simple. I address a learning goal and make it appropriate for his age and ability, and go from […]

Spotlight: The Homeschool Project Podcast

Last year we decided that we were going to homeschool our children.  It was something that we had thought about for quite a while and we finally made the decision.  About 6 months ago we started the Homeschool Project Podcast to try and build a community for homeschool families and all those that might have interest in starting.   1) We are so excited […]

Teen Perspective: It’s Cool to be Homeschooled!

This piece is by a military teen-Elena A. Thanks for sharing your story, Elena! Before high school, I had never been to public school before. For half of my life, I was homeschooled. I originally started homeschooling in 1st grade. My mom asked me whether I wanted to go to school for 6+ hours a […]

Homeschooling with Learning Styles

Written By: Christina Etchberger, Creator of It’s a Military Life and Homeschool Teacher What’s your style? Whether you are homeschooling or taking part in online or virtual learning, we all have a style of teaching. Most importantly, our children have different learning styles. When considering how you will or are currently teaching your child, consider […]


Month of the Military Child Feature: The Homeschool Project Podcast

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Anita and Nathan, hosts of The Homeschool Project Podcast, to learn more about what led them to decide to homeschool their three beautiful children and document their inspiring journey through a podcast and social media.

Toddler Mini Series: 3 Part Conversation with the The Homeschool Project Podcast

Written and Resources Provided By: Anita and Nathan @homeschool_project_podcast Explore the world and all it has to offer and you will never be bored again. The Homeschool Project Podcast What is The Homeschool Project Podcast? We are Nathan and Anita, military family and homeschooling parents to 3 beautiful children. We are the hosts of The […]

It’s a Military Life: 10 Fun Outside Activities to Do at Home

Whether you have children, a dog, or it’s just you and your significant other, it is so easy to waste away on the couch in front of the TV. I know, I am not making the best out of my free time, when Netflix asks me, “Are you still watching?” What Netflix is really saying […]

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It’s a Military Life’s Christina Etchberger visits with The Homeschool Project Podcast!

E107: How Taking The First Step Can Change Your Life with Alyson Long from World Travel Family The Homeschool Project Podcast

Hello and welcome back to the campfire! Today we have Alyson from World Travel Family blog joining us. Alyson is a travel blogger, published writer, worldschooler, and mom to two boys. After gaining her degree in zoology and comparative physiology, Alyson went on to become a chief medical scientist in London hospitals before switching to blog creation and full-time motherhood. Alyson and her husband have always had a passion for travel but one day they decided they wanted to share this passion with their two young boys and took to traveling the world as a family to expand their sons’ horizons and education. Six years later of non-stop full time world travel, they have experienced 50+ countries while home educating their boys. Along with these life experiences, World Travel Family travel blog was created. Their blog covers travel with kids, vacations, long-term travel, gap years, adventure travel, budget, luxury, group tours, and challenging destinations. Through this global travel resource, they aim to help other families travel with ease.So grab a seat by the fire as we travel to Queensland, Australia to discuss how following your dreams and taking that first step can lead to something amazing!If you like what you hear and have enjoyed our show, please show your appreciation by subscribing to our Podcast and leaving us a review on your Podcast App of choice.We would love to hear from you so please email us with any comments or questions you have.Visit us and all of our content, including our blog, at http://www.thehomeschoolprojectpodcast.comAs always, let's Light A Fire They Can't Put OutThank you for listening!Show NotesAlyson's multiple websites:World Travel Family –  World Travel Family – The Most Inspiring Family Travel Blog!Tropical Food Garden – Tropical Food Garden – Tropical Food GardenWorld Travel Chef – World Travel Chef – World Travel ChefYou can also find Alyson on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter: @ worldtravelfamilytravelblogOngoing Community Support:Our Free Homeschool Getting Started Packet: https://thehomeschoolprojectpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/guide-to-getting-started-packet-1.pdfOur Free Ultimate Family Camping / Outdoor Checklist: https://thehomeschoolprojectpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/camping-checklist-2.pdfThe Waldock Way: https://www.thewaldockway.com/ref/76/Wild Learning Curriculum: https://discoverwildlearning.com/?ref=927All About Reading: https://www.allaboutlearningpress.net/go.php?id=2109"We are a participant in an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites."

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