It's A Military Life

September Events

All events will begin at 7pm CST / 8pm EST.


Official Schedule:

Tuesday 9/7: It’s a Military Connection Mini Preview Course, Meet It's a Military Life, & Giveaway
Wednesday 9/8: Meet the Authors - Storybook readings and more
Thursday 9/9: Zumba Fitness Class Fundraiser 
Friday 9/10: Ribbon Cutting, Silent Auction Winners, & Giveaway

IML Fundraiser


Join us for a 4-day fundraising event to celebrate the creation of the new nonprofit organization, It's a Military Life.

Enjoy learning about ongoing programs, hear from authors, and attend the virtual ribbon cutting ceremony!

Click this link to register!
Fundraiser Event







Zumba Fitness Class Fundraiser 

IML Zumba Event Logo

Cohort Immersion Program

Sponsored by Robin Rogers of Arbonne

Our Kick Off Celebration is Tuesday at 8PM EST on with an Arbonne After Party. Robin will be showcasing amazing products, and a percentage of the purchases will go to support our cause!

So many events and fun giveaways this week, including a giveaway on Friday from AMSE Agency!

Purchase your Zumba ticket for Thursday’s LIVE virtual fitness class hosted in South Korea. You don’t want to miss this!

Don’t forget to visit our silent auction with amazing items ranging from consultant services to adorable items from Spouse-ly. More details below!


IML Cohort Event

We have 4 days of fun planned out to celebrate our organization becoming a nonprofit, and we hope that you will join in on the festivities!

Check out our Itinerary so that you don’t miss a thing.

Official Schedule:

Tuesday 9/7: Kick-Off,
Meet It's a Military Life, &

Wednesday 9/8: Meet the
Authors - Storybook
readings and more

Thursday 9/9: Zumba
Fitness Class Fundraiser

Friday 9/10: Ribbon
Cutting, Silent Auction
Winners, & Giveaway

Visit our silent auction:

Purchase your Zumba ticket HERE!

Donations collected will support the nonprofit development of It's a Military Life and programming. Please visit our GoFundMe to make a donation:

Thank you for your support ❤




Veteran Pen Pal Project

September Events

New Veteran Pen Pal BannerDonate Icon

One of IML's ongoing programs is the Veteran Pen Pal Project (VPPP). The Veteran Pen Pal Project provides support and gratitude to our nation's veterans by connecting them with pen pals from around the world. Through this partnership veterans build meaningful relationships, maintain fine motor skills, and have the opportunity to connect with individuals who support our veteran community. Donations from our community allow us to provide all necessary supplies, known as a Pen Pal Kit, to our veteran pen pals so they can fully participate in this program. Such supplies include envelopes, stamps, pens, and writing paper.

We are currently looking for contributions to support this mission. With a recent dramatic increase in participation in the Veteran Pen Pal Project your donation can help us provide better supplies, resources, and partnerships to the veterans that we serve. 

Thank YOU for supporting the VPPP!

Here are examples of how your donation will support our mission:

A $10 donation provides two veterans with a Pen Pal Kit 

A $25 donation provides 4 veterans with Pen Pal Kits and/or covers shipping costs of Pen Pal Kits to two of our participating veteran communities

A $50 donation supports program outreach 

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