InstantHandz customers include everyone in our communities who need affordable and reliable handiwork help with small-mid sized jobs around the home.  Many folks spend hours posting online to find assistance and end up unable to find someone with the necessary skills or cannot afford to pay contractor prices.  That’s where the InstantHandz Provider comes in.

When we formed the company, we created a dual mission to support both our network of InstantHandz Customers seeking help and the Armed Forces communities. InstantHandz Providers are active-duty, Guard or Reservist members, Veterans, or their families who have a skill set that they wish to use to earn a little extra income. Our InstantHandz app helps them connect directly to their local neighbors and improve their quality of life doing work that is flexible, rewarding and dignifying.

In its first year, and with the trial version of our application, InstantHandz has already given back  over $200,000 to the local Arizona military community. Not bad for any company in 2020! As a company, we will continue to expand and support additional military communities.  Currently, our company chapters are centralized around duty stations in Arizona, Nevada and California, and the listing of InstantHandz Providers in the application grows daily. In addition, our Full-Time company staff are typically military, or former military members that we hire through company partnerships such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Hire Our Heroes, and other Military Spouse specific employment programs. The staff at InstantHandz is a diverse group of military spouses, veterans and family of military members, so we know first-hand the many challenges that come with living a military life.

By providing flexible work opportunities no matter where you’re stationed, we hope to be an impactful and lasting resource to the military community. 

If have any questions about our company and its mission, or you’d like to learn more about our local impact and the workplace opportunities at InstantHandz, please download our app or visit us here:

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