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IML Must-Read: Children Edition

Watch as military spouse authors from around the world, read and share their children's books!

Blog posts include more about the author, the story, and where to purchase these amazing books.



Bloom, Author: Kelly Campbell


Author Kelly Campbell
Bloom,  Author Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is a military spouse and mama who has recently added children’s author to the various hats that she wears!
Her first children’s book titled, Bloom, follows a dandelion seed(named Bloom) on a grand adventure where she calms upon the wisdom from her father to find her way.
It is a story of adventure, confidence, and courage. Read More...

Milly's PCS Worries, Author: Amy Rivera

IML Must-Read: Milly's PCS Worries, written by Amy Rivera and illustrated by Dayanese A. Rodriguez Christina Etchberger talk with author Amy Rivera about her children's book, "Milly's PCS Worries".

"In 'Milly’s PCS Worries' you are introduced to siblings, Izzy and Milly. Izzy and Milly are military children who go through a permanent change of station (PCS), every few years with their family. In the book, you follow along as Izzy, the self proclaimed 'moving pro', helps his little sister Milly work through her feelings about moving. This book is a great way to get a conversation started about moving, and encourages children to work through their problem by communicating their feelings and finding solutions together." Read More...

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Air Force Ace, Author: Katie Marcucci

Join us as we learn more about Air Force spouse and children’s author –

Katie Marcucci, along with her book Air Force Ace! Read Aloud sneak peek included. Read More...

Real Aloud on YouTube

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My Letter to daddy, Author: Renee Walker

Renee Walker is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book My Letter to Daddy.

She was inspired to write the book for her children during her husband’s third deployment, and later published the book to support military children of all branches of service to express their various feelings during times of family separation or deployment.

Renee is an Air Force military spouse stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas.Read More...

Adventures of a Military Kid, Author: Amy Schweizer

Interview By: Christina Etchberger Join us as military spouse and author,

Amy Schweizer,reads about the adventures of a military child named Roman, while his Daddy is deployed!
Soccer, his stuffed lion sidekick Trooper, and his friend Mason, will all be there as you listen to this amazing story.  Read More...

The Peppered Sky, Author: Sarah Doran


Author: Sarah Doran
Illustrated by: Beth Snider


The book isn’t just for military children.

She hopes it is universally captivating for all children.
Her goals as an author are to encourage military families,
help military children find representation in her stories, and give civilians a glimpse of what military family life is like. Read More...

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