Whether you have children, a dog, or it’s just you and your significant other, it is so easy to waste away on the couch in front of the TV. I know, I am not making the best out of my free time, when Netflix asks me, “Are you still watching?”

What Netflix is really saying is,

“Seriously, you’re still here?”

“I see you there with all the crumbs.”

“I’m here for you, but this screen is more of a subtle hint to turn off your TV and live.”

This has happened many times before, whether I’m with my husband binge watching our new favorite show, or just leaving it on in the background. Screen time is not only something that needs to be monitored by parents for their children. I guess Netflix is stepping in to make sure we don’t worsen our vision or lose brain cells. Thanks, Netflix…

My son will be 3 years old in October, and he loves to play outside. While most kids like screen time, he’d rather watch the ants go by on our porch, or play with his toys in the backyard. He has definitely challenged me to take time to open that back door, and enjoy the great outdoors. Days can get so busy, and time can really get away from us. When my son walks up to me with his shoes in hand, I know it is time to go outside.

Here are some outdoor activities I have done as a child and adult. All 10 activities are fun for all ages. Step outside your door, and try one of these ideas with your family!

10 Fun Outside Activities to Do at Home:

  1. Have a Picnic: Make some homemade sandwiches, grab some chips, and your favorite cold beverages. Lay out a blanket on the grass, or set yourself at the outside table you probably barely use. If it’s night time, light some candles and turn on some twinkle lights!
  2. Play With Water: We have a splash pad we got on Amazon that connects with the hose. My son also likes playing with his water table we got on Facebook Marketplace. Throw some water balloons around; soak your feet in a small pool while tanning. Water makes everything more fun!
  3. Have a Random Photo Shoot: When I was a kid, my favorite gift was a Polaroid camera. If you don’t have one, buy one, or use Portrait mode on your phone. The best photos are ones with good lighting and when you are having fun outside!
  4. Camp Out in the Backyard: If you are not into camping, that’s okay! Set up a tent, get some cozy blankets, make some s’mores, and pretend you are in the middle of nowhere. Maybe tell a few scary ghost stories. When you had enough of the outdoor experience, your home is only a few steps away.
  5. Listen to Music: I wouldn’t recommend being the annoying neighbor blasting their favorite tunes, but all you need is a Bluetooth speaker, a comfy chair, so you can sit back and listen to your favorite melodies. Make a playlist before sharing it with your family outside. If this becomes a family ritual, take turns making a playlist! How fun is that?
  6. Read a Book: Whether it’s just you, or you are with your spouse or kids, reading outside is magical. If you have kids, have story time be a fun experience with a dramatic read aloud with costume and props.
  7. Chalk it Out: After we go on walks in our neighborhood, my son always gets the chalk bucket. Doodle away!
  8. Get Creative: Draw, paint, journal! Make sure you take the time to invest in a creative hobby you are passion about. Buy a paint kit or a leather journal you’ve been eyeing. It makes it more of a special part of your day.
  9. Grow a Garden: The garden in your backyard can be anything from a few plants you bought at Walmart to a well-planned out sanctuary for you and the family. Add some personal touches, and make it a welcoming place for you to visit.
  10. Exercise: Yoga, sprints, crunches, or shooting some hoops with your family, are all great ways to strengthen your mind and body. The best moments of my childhood were always revolving around playing outside.

Tell me in the comments below, which activity you are committing to this week. Enjoy what is waiting for you just outside your door!

4 thoughts on “It’s a Military Life: 10 Fun Outside Activities to Do at Home

  1. Looking forward to our next visit: find turtles, catch, hold, and release tree frogs, bigger frogs in ditch, digging up worms, fishing, fire out back with food by treehouse, rides in wagon & golf cart, watching moon & stars, exploring in woods, + other stuff.

  2. I loved this! And can relate to the TV comment. Your ideas are spot on! We love watering our garden while looking for worms, going on walks, and playing with our water table!

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