I began my journey into art back in 2015. While my spouse was away due to military needs, I found myself struggling with depression and anxiety. That was until I discovered my love for designing greeting cards. I used to send him cards using different card layouts and techniques I was learning. I wanted to make him smile- the only purpose for creating cards and I LOVED IT! As time grew, I became more creative and expressive in my card designs and decided to open my own small business in 2018 Crafty Card Concoctions, LLC (now known as Flow Art Expression, LLC).

I have since branched out artistically into acrylic pour art:

Acrylic Fluid (Pour) Art is a captivating abstract impressionistic art form in which paints are made more fluid using various mediums and then manipulated on the canvas using a multitude of techniques. Each piece is one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

I create inspirational work on canvas, jewelry (use skins from dried drippings from canvas) and love commission opportunities.

In 2019, I became mesmerized by artists such as Sara Mack, Tammy Anderson, and Molly Leach, however, I never dreamed their works of art would one day motivate me to open my own acrylic art business, Flow Art Expressions, LLC. I design rousing work on canvas, jewelry (use skins from dried drippings from canvas) and love commission opportunities.

Acrylic Art Pouring is my imaginative escape and opportunity to express myself. I am self-taught and draw inspiration from deep within myself, thus, no two pieces of this motion-filled art will ever be the same. My acrylic pour creations have a sense of depth, are alive, have a name, and tell a story. Piece after piece, I find the individuality and uniqueness of my artwork to be soothing and therapeutic for my own mental health conditions.  It is my hope that others can see the living energy, movement and feel the emotion in my work.

My artwork is highly regarded.

Her ingenious creative expressions and amazing color combinations surpassed many other local artists creating similar pieces.  She is very meticulous in her finished work. I continue to commission her for additional pieces and highly recommend her work to anyone who wants a one-of-a-kind expression.”  Another client stated that “her attention to detail and amazing eye for color is phenomenal.  I will definitely continue to buy more.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful artistry.  My sister recently gifted me one of your boxes, with such lovely artwork on the outside lid (and a lovely bookmark inside!).  It is truly a treasure and I felt it warranted a "thank you" to its creator! I hope you have a delightful day, and just know your talents are a Godsend to others.”

~Nicole Jones, Artist, and Owner~

-Creating Unique Pieces for Expressive Souls-

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