Written By: Christina Etchberger

Podcast Interview By: Life Exponential Impact Podcast

I’m a military spouse and mother of two boys. I am a homeschool teacher, but I am an active Military child advocate, providing education and family resources through It’s a Military Life.

My life changed drastically when I married my husband and the Army.

Before, I was in the Chicago area around family and friends, as a middle school teacher. Listen in as I chat with my friends Ray (former assistant principal) and John (former co-teacher), from my teaching and pre-military days. Life has changed for all of us, but still so much to talk about.

We talk about the transition from civilian to military life, specifically all that I have done with itsamilitarylife.com– a lifestyle blog for the everyday military life. Sharing lifestyle content, personal stories, collaboration opportunities, and military child resources.

Join us as we talk about what’s going on in my military life, while learning how we can come together to create a bridge between the civilian and military world. All we have to do is start the conversation at Life’s Exponential Impact Podcast.

Podcast Episode Feature:

Click here to listen in on the episode featuring Christina Etchberger, Founder of It’s a Military Life.

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