Founder: Christina Etchberger

Christina is the creator and founder of It's a Military Life, which is a milso and vet networking community.

Chief Editor and Program Manager: Jenna Soliani

As the Chief Editor Jenna plans, schedules, and creates blogs for It’s a Military Life, which includes reaching out to those who may be interested in guest writing or being interviewed. Jenna also is the Program Manager for IML’s Veteran Pen Pal Project. In this position she helps facilitate the growth of the program by enrolling new participants and creating useful community resources. Jenna also manages the VPPP Facebook page as well as all VPPP documents and records.

Kyra Seeley: Director of Community Affairs & Fundraising

Kyra Seeley is the director of community affairs and fundraising that supports our many outreach programs, especially our most popular outreach mission: Veteran Pen Pal Project. She cultivates relationships with business ambassadors through meetings, phone calls, and emails, and create community awareness for IML through outreach events. Kyra plans and implements in-person and online fundraising campaigns and events. She also manages in-kind donations for Veteran Pen Pal Project and other programs as needed.


Kim Lara: Curriculum and Instruction Designer

Kim Lara designs the curriculum for the It's a Military Connection cohort immersion program. Kim also has developed the instruction for the course which will be catered to military spouse and significant others who want to participate in a program that helps guide them on their professional journey.

Help us Support our Veterans

VPPP connects veteran communities such as veteran centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and VA hospitals with pen pals around the world. We also host large holiday initiatives where we call on our pen pals to send general 'Dear Hero' holiday cards to our participating facilities.

It's a Military Child Life

Be a Part of our Military Child Community

Here you will find community, among other military families, who are looking for resources for their children: advocacy, homeschooling, learning, and more!

Cohort Immersion Program

Attention Milspouses and Milso Professionals!

It's a Military Connection provides a voice, resources, and hands-on experiences to military spouses for their professional journey. Through a 12-week cohort immersion series, participants are given the opportunity for professional development and networking opportunities that align closely with their goals.


Donate to one of most popular programs - Veteran Pen Pal Project! Your donation will support our mission to support our veterans through the simple act of writing a letter and creating friendships.


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