Marla Bautista
Founder of The Bautista Project Inc.

The Bautista Project Inc.

The Bautista Project Inc. provides basic living essentials, educational resources, support groups, and other necessary resources to assist homeless community members with reintegration.

The Bautista Project Inc, once a family mission turned into a bustling community project. Moving state, to state and providing for people in need they have distributed more than 5000 meals. Ensuring people in need have basic living essentials and the resources to thrive.

Current Event

“Our mission continues as we prepare for the upcoming winter months. We hope to provide more blankets and pillows to children in need this year. 

With your help, we can! Thank you for your continued support for those in need.” 

Continued Hope & an Opportunity to Serve Tampa Bay By Marla Bautista

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