Our mission is to “Serve Those Who Served” by connecting veterans of America’s armed forces, military spouses and immediate family members with employers who value their experience and skills.


Military Hire

Are you a Veteran or active duty service member looking for a civilian job?  Or are you a company looking for trained, dedicated and disciplined employees?

MilitaryHire works to match the skills of the U.S. Veteran with the needs of today’s employers.

We are a comprehensive resource for 650,000 U.S. Veteran job seekers and thousands of employers looking for thousands of candidates through jobs they have posted on our site.

The Military Hire web site has been developed and is maintained by a team of both military veterans and corporate hiring authorities. We have worked hard to create a network where former military personnel can seek careers and utilize their professional skills.

In our experience, when transitioning from military service to civilian life, or when searching for a new job or career path, we’ve found that there is no good avenue to communicate directly with companies or with our peers.

MilitaryHire has changed that!

Veterans and employers can join today at www.militaryhire.com.





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