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Today's service members continue to face similar transition-related challenges and one-size-fits-all solutions aren't effective. Our goal is to provide better solutions.


It's a Military Connection is excited to announce as a resource partner for our military community members and cohort immersion program participants. The mission of this organization is to collect and share information regarding the military to civilian transition process to assist veterans and those currently serving.
How does Military serve our transitioning military community members?
  1. An independent group of veterans that have gathered lessons learned while coaching other veterans and military members over the past 15+ years
  2. Field a nationwide survey that gathers data to understand the positive aspects and challenges veterans face
  3. Using this information, they intend to partner with other military-friendly organizations to better prepare service members for successful transitions back into civilian life.



More information is available about how our work is being used by military members, veterans, families and employers to inform and guide transition and employment decisions.

We have PDF ebooks available for download to help guide you in your transition.

Truth about the Military Transition (ebook) Facts to know while on active duty.



Research & Results

"We provide unique insights to help the military community and employers. Our research and analysis focus on four primary audiences. We Deliver unique insights that inform transition decisions for the military community and assist employers that recruit, hire, develop and retain military/veteran talent."

About the Founder

"We are a group of independent veterans that have already transitioned. Our service ranges from less than five to more than twenty years in uniform as officers and enlisted members. We provide relevant data and insights through interactive databases, infographics, and reports that help guide decisions about the transition and civilian employment." - Brian Niswander

Brian Niswander is the Founder of, an organization that uses data analytics and visualizations to assist military members with their transition back into civilian life. He started after identifying a need for data-driven solutions which enable the transition and reintegration process. His organization also shares data and visualizations to assist military spouses with employment-related challenges.

Brian was an Air Force intelligence officer, and now provides ‘transition intelligence’ to educate and empower military families. His work has been featured in numerous publications, TV, radio, blogs, and podcast interviews. His background includes analytics and supply chain management positions in the consumer goods industry, management, strategic planning, and marketing in public and private organizations. Brian received his BS from the US Air Force Academy and his MBA from the University of Notre Dame.




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