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Thank you SO Much Moni Jefferson for creating Milspouse Creative - a platform where MilSpouses get to connect and share and grow their businesses. This week, Christina Etchberger is the Community Leader. Christina Etchberger ( Christie ) is a military spouse entrepreneur on a mission!

A 🌎 networking community of milspouse entrepreneurs to connect + collab + cultivate! This community is for ALL spouses (retired, active, reserve) In all stages of business 💡Ideation, Growing, or scaling! -Milspouse Creative

As the creator of It’s a Military Life Community - a milso and veteran networking community - she develops resources and opportunities for people to build each other up in this ever-changing military world. She does this by sharing their stories with the IML community.

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Christie’s mantra is to be the lead in your own story, no matter where the military life takes you. She is PCSing to South Korea with her family - two little boys and a pup - but is all about making this life change a learning opportunity!

New Veteran Pen Pal Banner

Christie is also the founder of Veteran Pen Pal Project, which also began June 2020, to give veterans a way to be a part of the world even during such isolating times. This project is relaunching this week, and she wants you to be a part of it! Click here to RSVP to the Launch Party!

“A simple letter. An act of kindness. We support our veterans.”

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Christie is all about working together to connect others, and has done this through her lifestyle blog which is full of a diverse group of contributors sharing their military life experiences. IML is like a city hub, full of amazing people coming together to make the military life an even better place to be.

As a Community Leader, Christie is excited to chat with you about Veteran Pen Pal Project, PCSing, and everyday military life!

Find her LIVE recording at Milspouse Creative for Mantra Monday!

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