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Elmo Wishes You A Happy Month of the Military Child!

My name is Christina Etchberger and I am the creator of It’s a Military Child Life, an extension of It’s a Military Life, and today I got to speak with Sesame Street for Military Families! We are an Army family and Sesame Street is helping my family as we transition and move all the way to South Korea.

I am blown away, as a teacher and mother, by all the amazing resources they provide not only for our little ones but for the entire family! My boys are one and three and they love Sesame Street for Military Families (SS4MF) so we cannot wait for you to be a part of the SS4MF community too!

Image Provided By Sesame Street for Military Families with Edit By Jenna Soliani. Original Illustration of Family by Amanda Shoe Designs.

Sesame Street for Military Families Overview

Sesame Street for Military Families provides resources and community to our military families and children. The website has a variety of topics ranging from everyday life challenges to deployment.

Other topics include:

  • Family Health and Wellness
  • Routines
  • Self Expression
  • Grief
  • Transition

Resources & Digital Tools

The website is full of so many incredible topics but also features wonderful videos, downloadable PDFs for family and children, and helpful links.

Digital Tools

SS4MF also has four fantastic apps to help children explore their feelings and cope through life changes.

Military Family Fridays

Sign Up to be Featured on Sesame Street’s Military Family Fridays!

Each Friday Sesame Street features a special military family on the SS4MF Facebook Page. These features include a favorite memory, a lesson learned as a military family, an overview of your last PCS and how it went for your children, a piece of advice for military families, something you wish civilian families knew about the military experience, and your children’s favorite Sesame Street character.

You can also include any special family photos or videos to help make your story come alive.

Join the Sesame Street for Military Family Community!

Thank you Sesame Street for providing so many resource for our military families and children. Visit Elmo and all his friends by clicking the links below. See you there!

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