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Month of the Military Child Feature: The Homeschool Project Podcast

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Anita and Nathan, hosts of The Homeschool Project Podcast, to learn more about what led them to decide to homeschool their three beautiful children and document their inspiring journey through a podcast and social media.

After realizing that their only valuable time with their children was during dinner and bath time, Anita and Nathan decided that they wanted more for their children and their family. More than 8 hours in a classroom only to come home and have homework, more than being stuck inside all day except for a quick recess, and more than rushed Saturdays trying to squeeze in as much time together as possible before the cycle started all over again on Monday. That is when Anita and Nathan began discussing a lifestyle change, one that would take their children out of the traditional education system.

Anita and Nathan’s homeschool journey is about identifying what you want for your family. From more quality time, to less stress, to a more flexible schedule, homeschooling has brought Anita and Nathan’s family freedom, peace, and closeness. Not to mention, as a military family, the fluidity of homeschooling allows them to travel and adjust to ever-changing schedules without missing a beat.

The Homeschool Project Podcast talks about everything from deschooling and Worldschooling to teaching methods and resources. But perhaps most importantly, Anita and Nathan speak with real homeschoolers about their real experiences. Drawing from homeschool dads, homesteaders, Doctors of education, and single moms, Anita and Nathan make sure to highlight what homeschooling looks like for everyone. Their passion for sharing experiences encourages others not only to make the homeschooling leap, but to also embark on that path with grace, patience, and flexibility.

The Homeschool Project Podcast’s 5 Homeschooling Must-Haves

Library card, because it’s possible to have a free education

A good planner to help organize all the areas in our life (homeschooling, personal, family activities) – you don’t have to stick to a strict schedule but it’s always helpful to see your tasks and appointments laid out

YouTube is a great resource to extend on learning and even outsource certain subjects (ex: Art)

Nature / outdoor time is a MUST in our family and so important to our lifestyle because it supports everyone’s mental and physical health and is a place to explore and learn from

A community of local homeschool groups/co-ops, clubs/sports for the kids, and online homeschool communities/platforms that help provide a place to connect with other parents for encouragement and inspiration

To learn more about Anita and Nathan’s homeschool journey check out our interview below:

You can find The Homeschool Project Podcast on all major listening apps – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Overcast, Stitcher, and more!

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