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My 5 Minute Autumn Wreath

DIY By: Christina Etchberger

5 Minute Autumn Wreath

Autumn is almost here and it’s one of my favorite seasons to decorate our home. Recently our DIY contributor Amanda @findingmandee, showcased her beautiful fall wreath. I was inspired to get out our family’s fall decorations to create my own!

Every season I use the same Joann Fabrics easy-to-use iron wreaths, for each pillar in the front of the house. All I have to do is buy fillers, or reuse what I stored away, for my seasonal wreaths. Today, I gathered my inexpensive materials and got to work on my very inexpensive 5 minute DIY.


Dollar Tree fall flowers (I coordinated the flowers based on a fall color scheme)

Joann Fabric iron reusable wreaths (I have used for four years!)

Dollar Tree bows (one for each wreath)

Total for first season-$20 (one time purchase for the reusable wreath) with fillers ($1×4 for each set of flowers)=$24 total

Total-$4 this year!

The first year might cost $24, but if you reuse the wreath it’ll only be a few dollar each season!


1. Gather Materials from Dollar Store and Joann Fabrics (extra materials for other projects coming soon!)
2. Pull off flowers from the bottom up (no scissors needed!) and sort them out inside the wreaths.
3. Close the latches on the back of both reusable wreaths. (Make sure the wreaths are filled evenly, and color coordinated)
4. Add the bow at the bottom of the wreath. (When twisting it on, make sure it’s centered)
5. Hang it up, and enjoy!

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