Written By: Dr. Gabriella Rivera

October is National Physical Therapy month!

IML’s Wellness Contributor-Dr. Gabriella Rivera

Physical Therapists can help people of all ages including new borns all the way to hospice care!

We aim to decrease pain, improve function, and promote health and wellness

There are so many different topics we cover and the public often does not know everything we do!
(Vertigo, balance/falls, ergonomics, pain management, post-partum, neurological conditions, gross motor delays, sports injuries, any and all musculoskeletal injuries to name a few but there are soooo much more)

I’m so excited to share a glimpse of how I can help you in your journey to fitness, injury recovery, ergonomics, wellness, and so much more!

Any specific topics you want to learn about this month or in the future let me know below ⬇️ and I will make sure I make specific videos to address it!

Remember #chooseptfirst to avoid surgery and other costly and sometimes unnecessary medical procedures and medication!

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