Author: Louise Valentine, MPH, CHES, CSCS, ASCM-EP, ACSM-CPT, NCTMB, LMT

Louise Valentine

A few months ago, Louise Valentine got word she had successfully reversed a precancerous condition of her stomach after being told by her doctors there was nothing she could do about it.  Incredibly, at the same time, she started running her fastest times ever as a competitive runner.  Named a Top 10 Performance Coach to Follow in 2021 and a fierce, military spouse, Louise is no stranger to putting in hard work and helping others achieve success!  However, it made her think:

There is so much noise out there, telling us we need all the bells and whistles to maximize our body’s health and performance.  So many programs, supplements, technology solutions, and quick fixes!  It’s truly overwhelming to sift through it all to find the best approach to optimize our well-being, let alone meet ambitious performance goals.

I see so many people working incredibly hard to improve their athletic performance and fitness, often looking into different solutions to help achieve that next-level version of themselves.

But that can be a very long, confusing, and expensive road to take when aiming to navigate all the information that’s out there, let alone put it all together to drive results.

In my 18+ years of experience, I’ve worked with pro athletes and individuals to maximize their mind-body performance.  In my research with the military and health tech companies, I’ve looked at population health data to create solutions to help others optimize their well-being.  AND, after getting my own diagnoses, I’ve spent years sifting through it all to find the “biggest bang for your buck” mind-body performance solutions.  Now, after reversing two “chronic” diagnoses while continuing to thrive as an athlete, I need to share this message with others.

I can’t sit here armed with knowledge and knowing there is a different, more effective way to optimize our body’s health and performance.  It’s why I started the Badass Breakthrough Academy – working with everyday athletes who are craving efficiencies to help their mind and their body perform at its best. Those looking for scientifically sound strategies that are effective, sustainable, and result in longevity in sport. 

It’s bold to say it, but when it comes to our health and our body’s performance there is a better way! 

✨ How would your life change if everyday stress and training setbacks never added up to impact your high-performance abilities?

✨ What would it mean to you if, in the heart of your events, you confidently execute and maximize your body’s full potential?

✨ What if your success in fitness and sports could create a ripple effect of success in your career and family life?

Think about what it would mean for you to be able to have efficient, sustainable, and scientifically sound ways to maximize your mind-body potential when it matters most!

I’m hosting a private, advanced training on September 8th for people interested in learning more about the “biggest bang for your buck” methods of Badass Breakthrough Academy.  I’ll be sharing:

✨ My 4-part framework for maximizing mind-body performance

✨ Common mistakes (& real-life examples)

✨ Simple strategies for success

As I begin the adventure of implementing my virtual Performance Academy, I will continue to empower everyday athletes (including service members serious about their fitness and their ambitious spouses!) to perform at their best in the sports that they love and in life!

The private training will go over how my past clients and future clients make this happen.

If you would like to attend, there is a brief application here:

If you know any everyday athletes who may be looking for this type of program, be sure to spread the word!

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