Christina Etchberger from It's a Military Life and our friends from Giving Tuesday Military are working together to spread the word about Veteran Last Patrol's Operation Holiday Salute!



This holiday season, take the time to send a veteran a card or small gift, as a simple act of kindness that will make a big impact.

Last year they received 4,000 cards that were then delivered to veterans in nursing homes and “at home” end-of-life care. This year they wish to again receive cards and small gifts from grateful patriots, folks with a family military connection, children, clubs, schools, and other organizations that would like to help express gratitude one final time during this holiday season.

We are asking all current volunteers, potential volunteers and anyone interested in participating in the Veteran Pen Pal Project to help us reach our program goal of 60,000 cards and letters for Operation Holiday Salute!

In partnership with Veteran’s Last Patrol, this program is a special part holiday initiative that collects and distributes cards for Veterans in hospice care all across the country.

We thank you for your continued support of the Veteran Pen Pal Project a thank you for supporting Operation Holiday Salute! ❤️


To support this cause please mail your cards to:

Veteran Last Patrol
140B Venture Blvd
Spartanburg, SC, 29306

The salutation on the card itself should be: "Dear Veteran" or "Dear Hero"


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What is Veteran Last Patrol?

Last Patrol: Serving veterans by bringing new friends to veterans in hospice.

Purpose: America's veterans served their country. They protected us and our way of life. We must stand by them.

Our veterans know about patrolling land, sea, and air. Veterans in hospice are on their final fight and in their last patrol. Whether it goes by the name of "battle buddy" or "shipmate" or "wingman" - all veterans understand that tough assignments are best faced together. (

“Our non-profit organization is focused on bringing national attention to Veterans in hospice care. Far too many are alone & lonely. We want to bring them friendship on their “Last Patrol” of Life. Our veterans served America. They protected us and our way of life. Now, we must stand by them.”

- Claude Schmid, Retired Army Colonel/31 Years, Founder

Find updates on It's a Military Outreach Life! Share photos of your pen pal letter experiences on our Facebook group with the hashtag #veteranpenpalproject and #givingtuesdaymilitary!

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