“Bringing Military Families Home”

MILLIE is a one-of-a-kind resource for military families that provides tools and assistance to make military moves as seamless as possible.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with one of MILLIE’s ‘Scouts’, Jana, who shared more about MILLIE’s mission, resources, and benefits.

How MILLIE Works

There are 3 tiers to MILLIE:

Free Resources

There are many resources available free of charge but most notable are the MILLIE Toolkits. Examples of the toolkits include:

  • The Military Home Buyer Guide
    • This guide walks you through the process of buying a home. From assessing your living options and locations to understanding your financial standing and deciding on a mortgage option.
  • School Scope
    • School Scope helps parents find the right school for their children at each new location.
  • PCS Basics
    • This toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for your PCS move. From receiving orders to organizing your move, PCS Basics gives you all the information you need to consider when moving CONUS and OCONUS.

All of the MILLIE Toolkits can be found by clicking the button below.


AgentHero is a nationwide community of real estate professionals who are military veterans or military spouses.

Who better to help you locate and purchase a new home in the midst of a typically stressful PCS than someone who experienced numerous PCS moves as well?!

AgentHeros are uniquely equipped to assist military families in the home buying process because they know all that goes into it. They can assist with assessing locations, finding a good school district, and navigating the application and use of a VA mortgage.

If you have experienced multiple relocations, are a real estate agent, and are interested in giving back to the military community, you may be eligible to become an AgentHero yourself. Click here for more information!

You can connect with an AgentHero by visiting the website at the button below.


MILLIE Scouts are military spouses who close the gap between what needs to be done and finding the time to get it done.

MILLIE Scouts have experienced many years of PCS’s, deployments, and community outreach events so they know exactly how to assist fellow military families with seemingly impossible tasks. With the help of a Scout, location, lack of time, and inexperience are no longer an issue.

Specific tasks that MILLIE Scouts can assist with include:

  • PCS Support – such as housing reviews and HHG (household goods) delivery help
  • Real Estate Agent Support – such as open house preparation
  • Rental Property Support – such as property check-up, prospective tenant tours, and property photo-shoots

Visit the MILLIE Scout website to learn more about how to find a Scout.


First-Hand Experience

With 10 PCS relocations and counting, Jana is not new to all that goes into these stressful, overwhelming events. But, her move last summer was much more difficult than normal – add a deployed husband and the pandemic to the mix – and Jana found herself reaching for as many PCS resources as possible, which is when she found MILLIE.

Here is Jana’s first-hand experience both as a customer of MILLIE and as an official MILLIE Scout:

“This year I was able to serve another Military Spouse who lives on the other side of the country. She and her family are stationed in Washington State, but they self-manage a property here in Tampa. They are renting it out to tenants and wanted to see if they should extend the lease another year. Instead of her flying out to check it herself, she hired me to do a walk through. I took pictures of everything and gave her a report back. By hiring me, she saved fees on flights, hotel, rental car, not to mention the expenses incurred by an absence from your current life! By managing the property herself, she is able to save an incredible amount on property management fees which can be pretty steep due to the real estate costs in Tampa currently.  I was able to be an impartial witness to the conditions of her home and give her an accurate account of what I could see. She started communicating with me on a Tuesday, and by that Saturday she had a complete picture of the situation and was able to make an informed decision about how to move forward. I am not a property manager or real estate agent. I’m an experienced military spouse who knows what potential problems or areas of concern to look for in houses and rental properties since we have lived in so many!

Personally, I am looking at a similar situation later this year. We are stationed in Tampa, but have a house near Fort Hood. Our current tenants are not entirely sure when they are going to move out, but when they do we will be faced with the decision to sell or rent. Instead of feeling the need to fly to Texas to handle all of this myself, I am planning on hiring a local Millie Scout to help with different tasks: opening and closing the house for prospective tenants/buyers/cleaners/maintenance workers, inspecting the house upon move out/move-in, and any other tasks that may come up during that transition. By hiring a proxy, I am saving myself time, energy and stress, and I feel fully confident in a fellow Military Spouse to know what to look for and how to handle any of these requests: we’re experts at this point!”

You Should Know That…

It is okay to ask for help during your PCS.

As a military spouse and Scout, Jana wants all of us to know that we do not have to uphold the “Warrior Mindset” at all times. Although it is natural for us to want to do things on our own, Jana mentions that when it comes to the VERY stressful event of PCSing we should work smarter, not harder.

“I have PCS’ed 10 times in the last 15 years as a military spouse, and I WISH there had been this type of service. I’m already looking into the Millie concierge service for our next PCS and will definitely be hiring a Millie Scout to go check out homes in the new area. I hear so many stories of spouses who handled the whole move by themselves, with children, pets and all the other considerations. While that makes a great story, after 15 years I’m here to tell you there is no badge for this. It’s just stress. So why not reach out to Millie Scouts and alleviate some of the PCS stress? Why not use the GoMillie.com free resources (neighborhood, school, and area info) instead of trying to reinvent the wheel? Why not lean on seasoned Military Spouses for a little expertise in the area of PCSing when you’re in a season of huge changes? I’m hoping that this service continues to grow and becomes the norm for families, because I see the value first hand. I am proud to be a part of this MILLIE Scout community and look forward to serving more military families in the future.”

-Jana, MILLIE Scout and experienced military spouse

Get Involved

Interested in becoming a MILLIE Scout? Interested in enlisting the help of a MILLIE Scout or AgentHero? Interested in learning more about all that MILLIE has to offer?

Look no further & check out the links below!

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