Pearl Alimo

Pearl Alimo is an award-winning author and founder. Pearl wears many hats as a military spouse, mother of three children, female founder, and entrepreneur.

I have moved with my family several times in the last 10 years to different parts of the US and to Japan. Each time, I count it all joy packing, unpacking and relocating to a new place on military\ orders. We get to connect, meet new people, and see new places.

During COVID-19, I started writing and creating #icareboxes for military families as a way of giving back and paying it forward. I realized that I feel more fulfilled sharing my experience and supporting more military children and their families grow, flourish, and thrive through my stories, books, and boxes. In 2021, I published my first award- winning book titled Growing Your Family: Learn How To Flourish and Thrive as a Military Spouse. My chief goal was to share something authentic, raw and one that offers hope and actionable solutions to fellow military spouses and their families.

Pearl Alimo I am truly excited about my new children’s book Maya Moves to a New Country. This picture book is a heartfelt story of a proud military child who must leave her friends in the US and move with her military family to a new country. At first, Maya is confused, a little bit scared and really unsure of many things when she hears the news of the big move. Like many military children, Maya must brace herself for the unknown- new places, new faces, new food and even a new language!

With support, Maya learns to grow, flourish, and thrive in her new country. She writes in journal and resolves to share her story with other military children.

Maya Moves to a New Country is a story of hope, friendship and adventure that aims to instill courage and positive attitude in military children and really anyone when you have to embrace change. Each day, my chief goal is to make impact with my books, boxes and business.

Pearl Alimo

I see military life as a unique opportunity to make that impact wherever I go with my family. Military children are resilient, strong, and smart. They thrive wherever they are planted. This calls for all and sundry to support military children not only in April but every day!

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