What is PILLAR and who can get involved?

PILLAR is the first ever digital retreat for deployment countdowns! We’ll be gathering more than 21 military spouses and lifestyle experts online November 4-6 to share their best strategies for a healthy, happy deployment countdown.

The entire retreat will happen right in our private Facebook Group for attendees, and can be accessed any time you’re available!

Military Spouses who are counting down deployment, finishing a countdown or who want to be prepared for a future deployment are all welcome to join us!


How do military spouses register for this virtual event, and is it free?

Yes!!  PILLAR is completely FREE for any military spouse who wants to participate in creating their own deployment countdown action plan.  Registration is open now, and you can get your ticket at www.pillardeploymentretreat.com


What are the benefits of participating? Is there an educational component, along with fun interactive events?

The 3-day retreat is designed specifically for military spouses who want to reclaim their deployment countdown season and transform it into an opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.

Each day, we’ll share relatable, actionable advice from experienced military spouses and lifestyle experts and will gather to discuss and share our own stories.  While we’re stoked for all of the learning and growth that will happen throughout the retreat, we’re also incredibly excited for the ways that PILLAR will serve as a space for relaxation, rejuvenation and community.

Each morning begins with internal reflection and relaxation through daily yoga practices and vision boarding sessions.  We’ll tap into our creativity with Care Package tutorials, and will spend time focusing on self care and self love!

We’re also turning this space into a true PARTY by sharing fantastic freebies and giveaways from brands that we believe will add tons of joy to our deployment countdowns.  I can’t spoil the surprise yet- but the giveaways are SO good!

Finally, we believe that community is truly a pillar of any healthy deployment countdown season.  That’s why we’ll be hosting discussions throughout and following each session to share our own stories, challenges and successes.   Each evening ends with our virtual happy hour where we join a few of the days speakers for a live discussion about some of the hottest topics we’ve hit on that day!


Who are the hosts of PILLAR, and tell us a little bit about their personal experiences and how they relate to military life?

PILLAR is hosted by Becky Hoy of Brave Crate, and Joanna Guldin-Noll of Jo, My Gosh.

Joanna and Becky are both passionate about helping military spouses thrive during seasons of deployment. They launched PILLAR to create intentional space for spouses to focus inward and create a deployment action plan that truly transforms this season.

Both Joanna and Becky have navigated deployment from the home-side and have found that while there are lots of resources available for spouses, it can take an entire countdown to find the tools and community that fits perfectly for your unique situation. Through PILLAR they’re hoping to equip military spouses across the country with everything they need for a successful countdown in one simple (and fun!) place.


Where can military spouses learn more about this event?

Check out www.pillardeploymentretreat.com or find us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about what you can expect at the digital retreat for deployment countdowns!

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