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Resume writing and putting it together can be daunting, especially for our service members and veterans. It can already be difficult for some to transition to civilian life. This transition process can go smoother by staying focused and determining how to translate military skills and duties into civilian terms to create a resume. has created guides to help our active-duty military and veterans craft the perfect cover letter and resume to help them successfully transition back into civilian careers. We’ve created a detailed guide that will walk through every step of creating an effective military to civilian cover letter and resume, from choosing the correct format to avoiding red flags that may cost getting that dream job.


What We Do:

"We don't just rely on technology. We also have a team of certified resume writers, experts, hiring managers, and employers that assess resumes and job posts to make sure what our results are accurate and have the best chance for getting the job you want."


How We Work:

"We aggregate thousands of job postings every day. We then aggregate thousands of resumes. We use a robust machine learning algorithm. Double and then triple check every result."


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