Rodricka Brice-Curry

Rodricka & son

I’m 29 yrs old mother of one son, Cameron J Curry. I have been active duty Air Force for the last 6 years as a Respiratory Care Practitioner & Unit Training Manager.Rodricka

Within the last 3 months, I commissioned as a Medical Service Corp (MSC) Officer which I absolutely love.

Oh no, my mom has to go is my first published children’s book, with hopes to write many more as my son grows older. I wrote this book to shine a light on the resiliency of military children when their parent(s) are called to serve away. It’s tough on our children, this book is the story of the last 5 days prior to my last deployment. It’s teaching children how to be big helpers while we are away. It’s a very personable story and written from a child’s perspective.

This book has inspired so many and is loved by the military and surrounding communities because it’s so relatable. My message to the military community is “we are called away to serve our country, our primary mission is providing for our families and raising our children to be brave heroes just like us.“


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