Supporting small businesses is such a passion of mine. When you shop small, you are supporting a big dream. Featured below are amazing small businesses with the military family in mind! Want to be featured? Click the link to request spotlight interview!


Spouse-ly is a new online marketplace to shop & support military/veteran spouse & service member owned businesses all over the nation! You can find both products and services in one easy spot!

Spouse-ly was founded by a USAF spouse, on a mission to bring together all the amazing talent within the military community!

You can also do a local search to find service vendors near you. New vendors are added frequently so make sure to check back often!

“Our mission is to provide our vendors with the tools and resources they need to be successful on Spouse-ly!” (Monica, Founder of Spouse-ly)



Counting Our Heroes Home

Counting Our Heroes Home began in May of 2020 in the middle of my husband’s 13-month deployment. Who am I you ask? Well my name is Ashley Weinert and I am an Army Wife. One day while my children and I were enjoying another day at home in the middle of a national pandemic, it dawned on me that deployment did not have to be difficult for other families in the same situation. I could use the information and knowledge that I had from my research and our experience to help others.

When I started researching ways to do this, I stumbled upon the subscription box concept. Maybe I could build a business that sends families all the tools that they need to be successful during deployment, spend quality time as a family and strengthen the bond between the child(ren) and their deployed parent. And so, our monthly deployment countdown box for military kids with a deployed parent was born, with the mission being to support military families on the home front. 
Counting Our Heroes Home PRICING

  • Month-to-month: $47.99
  • 3- Month Plan: $44.99/month
  • 6- Month Plan: $41.99/ month

FREE SHIPPING on all subscription products. Non-renewing gift plans available. Gift plan include a handwritten note
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Sea to Sea With Love

Rachelle is the owner and creator of Sea to Sea with Love. She is a Navy wife of 10 years and a stay at home mom to three little ones. Rachelle creates each care package flaps by hand, and ships them with love.

“Sharing a piece of home with loved ones overseas.”

Find her on Etsy!

Use Promo Code: ITSAMILITARYLIFE for 15% off!


The Bautista Project LLC

The Bautista Project LLC is a milfamily owned custom decor and apparel business that donates a percentage of its profits to the local homeless communities.

The business started in late 2017 as a custom T-Shirt business and soon blossomed into a bustling company creating custom products not only for personal use but for business distribution as well.

The business has donated more than 5000 lunches, and 1000 belonging boxes to homeless communities all over the world.  

The Bautista Project LLC makes belonging blankets that are given to children placed outside their natural home settings. Every purchase made from The Bautista Project LLC is purchased with the purpose to give back to communities in need.

Website: to get involved and shop for products!



Usborne Books & More

Billie Jean is a business consultant with Usborne Books and More. She is a military wife, and a mother to two adorable little ones.

“I’ve gotten to gift books to families and get literature into kid’s hands quite literally from all over the country!”

Find her VIP page on Facebook, where she shares literary tips, sales, sneak peeks, and giveaways!

EVENT: “Peek Inside Being A Book Lady” FB party on June 24th at 8:00 pm CTS (she will be giving away free joining kits too!) If you are interested attending the party or would like to learn more about becoming a book lady you can text Billie Jean at 412-219-4575, message her on Facebook at or join today: Join-My Team

Shop anytime at her UBAM consultant page!

Facebook Message at:

Text at: 412-219-4575


Renee Walker’s My Letter to Daddy Children’s Book

Renee Walker is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book My Letter to Daddy.  Renee is an Air Force military spouse stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and children.  

“This book is narrated through the eyes of a child missing their daddy and feeling alone.  But through the loneliness, the child recalls good memories, is reminded of the importance of daddy’s job, and most importantly, is constantly reminded that they are still loved despite the distance.”

Find her on Facebook, for more info about her children’s book My Letter to Daddy, and how you can purchase one for your family!


Shea Sines and BoxOps

“My name is Shea, I’m an Army wife with two kids, and I’m the owner of BoxOps! I started working on my business in 2018 after a horrible move – our HHG shipment came weeks late while I was alone & pregnant, they had lost a large portion of our house, and I was very stressed filing a huge claim. Previously we had always moved ourselves so this was a big wake-up call.
That’s when I realized that if I had been more organized & aware of the process, it would have been so much smoother – so I set out to help others be more prepared!

I started out trying to improve what was available with some basic color-coded moving labels and it snowballed from there – they’ve evolved a lot over time and now I’m launching new designs soon that will offer the best functionality on the market!
I don’t plan to stop at moving supplies — I have a broader business plan that includes a technical side as well!”

Find her on Instagram: @TeamBoxOps

Box Organization Labels can be found on Etsy:


Becky Hoy’s Brave Crate

Brave Crate began when I sent a “self-care package” to a friend who was counting down deployment.  I sent her self-care goodies like bath bombs and yummy treats along with self-development tools like planners, books and inspirational home decor.   I hoped it would inspire her to use this season as a time of growth rather than a season of simply waiting for homecoming- and it did!! 

I realized how valuable this intentional monthly happy-mail could be for military spouses. We launched Brave Crate- the deployment countdown box for military spouses. Brave Crate now supports thousands of Military Spouses each year with a carefully curated monthly delivery of self development and personal wellness products that allow her to shift her focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so that she can conquer the deployment countdown and meet her spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of herself.  
Brave Crate offers monthly, 3-month or 6-month plans for military spouses who are counting down deployment. Our gift option is so incredibly special to me, and includes a handwritten note from the sender in each box. 


  • Month-to-month: $39.99
  • 3- Month Plan: $36.99/month
  • 6- Month Plan: $33.99/ month

Non-renewing gift plans available. Gift plan include a handwritten note

Learn more about Brave Crate on Instagram and


Lakeshore Pet Boutique

Randy and Anna have dreamed of opening a pet store in the Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan area for a long time.  Randy, who worked in the mental health field for 25 years and Anna who works in emergency services, were fortunate to discover Saugatuck/Douglas many years ago.  A small, resort community, Saugatuck/Douglas is knows as “The Art Coast” of Michigan. 

In 2019, the opportunity arose and Lakeshore Pet Boutique was born.  Their mission is to make it easy for pet parents to spoil their cats and dogs with quality, unique, safe products and health-conscious foods and treats.  

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Find a fabulous selection of dog and cat pet toys, collars, leashes, and health-conscious foods. Shop online today!

PROMO CODE: MILITARYLIFE to get 15% OFF your purchase!


The owners, Anna and Randy, of Lakeshore Pet Boutique!



Shannon Buhera’s Night and Naps

Shannon Buhera, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consult, helps families achieve restful nights and stress free naps through individualized consulting!

If you are a Military family, there are added challenges to sleep. Toddlers may show separation anxiety specifically at night making it even harder for them to fall asleep independently and stay asleep all night. Moms caring for a baby’s needs all night without the option of a spouse taking a turn can add stress and leave you feeling exhausted and helpless. Shannon is here to support you.

Follow Shannon on Instagram @nights_andnaps where she gives sleep tips and advice. On Thursdays she does a free Sleep Q&A.

Learn more about Shannon and Nights and Naps on Instagram and her website.

PROMO CODE: MILITARY15 to get 15% OFF sleep consulting services!




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