Hi, I'm LaPora!

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Life Skills Coach, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, I am passionate about helping you define success and achieve it with confidence.


Approach Success From The Inside Out

I’m on a mission to encourage people to use their current skills and knowledge to create their success. Through career coaching, we address life’s inner details.

We work on the internal voice to achieve external success.  This can benefit your career, no matter what stage you are starting from. These skills can also carry over into all other areas of life. Diving into this kind of personal development results in more courage and confidence. You’ll also find more love & respect for yourself. You are worth it!

We are honored to have LaPora be our guest speaker for our Cohort Immersion Program.

Our Cohort Immersion Program will give you experience and will give you more professional skills, hands-on experiences, and a supportive network that will give you a voice as a member of the military community. You will feel confident with resume development, networking, modern workplace technology, and other important career professional development skills.

Connect to a Network, Grow Through Collaboration, Lead with Purpose!

Join us for this amazing opportunity to grow professionally! Register here!

Free Workshops

I host two series currently on IG on is focused on "Self-Confidence" and the other one is focused on "Different Ways to Reach Success"

Free workshops: Monthly 45-minute to empower individuals in their career and with their job search. As a military spouse who has moved six times in 12 years and maintained meaningful employment during that time. I know of many potential challenges that come with steady employment, so I desire to help others during that time. A career is not definitive of anyone's self-worth or value, but sometimes it takes others telling us that to see how invaluable we really are, regardless of our position.
These workshops provide an opportunity to get some resources and offer support to others because you cannot do it alone!


  • Adapting to Discomfort and Rejection
  • Confidence Building
  • Self-Awareness & the Job Search
  • Redefining Success
  • Resume Writing




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