How did Brave Crate get its start and how did it evolve into the brand it is today?

Brave Crate began when I sent a ‘self-care package’ to a friend who was counting down deployment.  I sent her self-care goodies like bath bombs and yummy treats along with self-development tools like planners, books and inspirational home decor.   I hoped it would inspire her to use this season as a time of growth rather than a season of simply waiting for homecoming- and it did!!  I realized how valuable this intentional monthly happy-mail could be for military spouses.

We launched Brave Crate– the deployment countdown box for military spouses. Brave Crate now supports thousands of military spouses each year, with a carefully curated monthly delivery of self development and personal wellness products. The products allow her to shift her focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so that she can conquer the deployment countdown and meet her spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of herself.”

What kind of subscriptions do you provide? I noticed you have a gift option, too! Do a lot of people gift a crate, or mostly subscribe?

Brave Crate offers monthly, 3-month or 6-month plans for military spouses who are counting down deployment.  This allows for plenty of flexibility (because we all know that the Military is not always great with giving us a clear timeline for deployments!)  Our gift option is so incredibly special to me, and includes a handwritten note from the sender in each box.  Writing these notes is pure joy for our team every month- the beautiful words of support and encouragement for military spouses who are counting down from deployed service members, friends and family brings tears to our eyes!   

We have a fairly equal split between gifts and personal memberships, but we love that we can ALL gather together in community online to support one another during deployment countdowns (yep… Brave Crate is more than just happy mail- it’s a community!)”

If you could choose any of your previous Brave Crates, which one would it be, and why?

“This is tough!!  Every month I fall in love with our newest Brave Crate (you can almost always hear me say “this might be my favorite box ever!” in our live unboxing videos inside of the Brave Crate Members Group!).  Right now I’m obsessed with our upcoming “SHINE” box – I can’t mention what’s inside yet because #spoilers, but it’s focused on how we as military spouses can still soak up all of the summer fun and personally shine while we count down to homecoming.”

Where can people find your products and what’s the best thing about subscribing with Brave Crates?

“Our members tell us that they have two “favorite things” about their Brave Crate memberships: 

 Seeing how quickly your next Brave Crate arrives each month really helps to make deployment feel like it’s flying by.  Brave Crate is such a great tangible mile-marker for your countdown, and gives our community something to celebrate and look forward to every month as they move toward homecoming (instead of letting the days and weeks ahead of them overwhelm their focus).

2. COMMUNITY- Our members are obsessed with the Brave Crate Members Group.  It’s an online space open to Brave Crate members where we encourage and support one another during deployments.  Every single month we host a group challenge that helps spouses focus on self-development and self-care during their countdown, along with weekly blog chats, group discussions and plenty of fun giveaways!  Truly, the community  of Brave Crate members is incredible, and the positivity and inspiration we see in this group daily is such an encouragement.”

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