Meet Casey Douglass Synder!

Casey will be bringing you lots of fitness and health info each week on #WorkoutWednesday! Follow @itsamilitarylife on Facebook and Instagram to check out her posts about how to add a little more health and fitness into your everyday routine.

“Hi all! I’m Casey! A mom of two and married to my college sweetheart for the last 14 years! We married young right when he enlisted so I’ve spent most of my adult life as a military spouse. I wasn’t sure what I wanted “to be when I grew up” for awhile, but got certified to teach group fitness classes since I attended them regularly anyway. Might as well get paid if I’m showing up, right!?

The hobby quickly turned into a passion for helping others find joy and consistency in making healthy choices, and the profession moved well with our transient lifestyle.

In 14 years we’ve moved 10 times, and the joy and positive life experiences far outweigh the unique struggles we all experience as military families!

I’m excited to share health and positive vibes with you each week!”

Casey and I met through Patriot Spouses’ Club at Fort Sill, when I attended her classes through the club’s Fitness & Health group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Casey will provide weekly posts, so definitely visit us @itsamilitarylife to learn more!

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