My name is Desiree and I don’t have it figured out.  I have been married to my husband for 13 years. We have 4 children and an old pup, Luna. I am a makeup artist, a furniture refurbisher, upholsterer, expert junker and a vintage traveling shop.”  

What inspired you to begin you social media platform? 

“Honestly, I opened up an Instagram account because I was bored and lonely. At the same time I started a blog called ‘croutons for dinner’. My husband was deployed and I needed something to do to stay busy. I was a newish mom and it was the first time I was living life without a job or working.  So I was going crazy, trying to find my footing in this new life I had. It was hard. Every duty station I started something new. A makeup artist. A cake baker. A furniture refinisher and the list goes on.  

Since I was 15 I had always loved interior design and thrifting. I started flipping furniture while married because we were poor and couldn’t afford the new stuff.   When I started my blog and Instagram, I shared recipes and DIY projects. After about 3 entries of my blog, I quit. Blogging is hard. My Instagram has been easier to maintain. The content changes as I change.” 

How did the start of keeping busy during a long deployment, turn into creating such a successful business?

“Successful? I always laugh at that statement when directed toward me. I am anything but successful. Every time he gets a new duty station, I have to close up shop and start all over. New clients,new town, new inventory. It’s kind of upsetting really. I start to gain momentum and a great client base and doors really start to open up for me and then I have to quit.”

What advice would you give other military spouses who are wanting to stay busy, while also pursuing their own personal goals? 

“Keep going. This year my dream came true and inwas featured in a magazine.  I have failed multiple times but every time we PCS, it’s a new start and a new opportunity to try harder or try something different. The military community is small, really. The only reason why I’m still a makeup artist and a furniture refinisher to this day is because someone within our community has had work done by me or refers me to a friend that is stationed where I am. Right when I’m about to throw in the towel, I’ll get a message for work again.  Do what makes you happy too. If you’re depressed cause you are “just a mom” or “just a wife,” be something else. Nobody said you can’t be a mom AND an artist or a wife AND a nurse. Ya know what I mean? Follow your passion even if it means starting over all the time or taking years to get that degree.” 

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