We are so excited to introduce Liz McChesney to our team as our Motivation and Resource Expert. I met Liz at a luncheon for a new spouse in our battalion. She was so energetic and positive, and her energy made others open up and get to know each other better. I’m so happy to have her join our community.

“Hi friends!

I’m Liz – a mom to four and ‘Grammy’ to one. I’m a small-town Indiana girl who married her high school sweetheart 24 years ago. I’ve been a MilSpouse for over 17 years. My husband enlisted in the Army later in life (at 29 years old). So, I know both ‘the civilian’ side and being ‘Household 6’.
This military life is a roller coaster ride: excitement, fear, struggle, and joy. With each experience, a lesson can be absorbed. I try to embrace the positives, grow where I’ve been planted, and learn from every person I meet. FTX, AER, PCS, and every acronym in between – I join you in versing these! I’ve worked with multiple non-profits to create a pipeline of resources that assist and guide Service Members and their families down many avenues of military life. And I’m always learning and networking to add resources to my roster.
My passion is helping people! Whether it be hands-on volunteering or aiding others with a simple referral of a web link, I absolutely love being ‘a helper’. I’m hopeful that my contributions will help you along your own journey and engage you to join in the conversations!”

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