“Milsomuster is not just an app but a space for anything and everything military.”

Jasmin Cruz, Creator of Milsomuster

1) Tell us a little bio about yourself and how got inspired to launch the Milsomuster App.

I’m Jasmin, 26 years old and originally from Miami, FL. My husband joined the navy in 2016 and his first orders out of boot camp were to Japan! Fast forward to a week before his graduation from A school and his command ombudsman contacted me to let me know not only was his orders changed to Norfolk Naval Station but he was deploying with the USS George HW Bush. I didn’t know what to expect, with our stuff already in HHG transit and being in a whole new state with 2 weeks notice of a deployment, it was overwhelming and shocking. Everything I experienced in just that first year alone as a military spouse inspired me to create this app.

2) What is the main purpose of the app and who are the target users?

The purpose is to guide and support military spouses and military family members through every day needs to having a loved one as a service member.

3) What are the different features of the app? What other platforms are currently involved?

The different features include weekly podcasts like Dependasplaining and The Spouse Angle, blogs, social walls and so much more!

4) How is the Milsomuster App different than other ways to connect virtually?

Milsomuster is different because it is specifically geared towards the military community with the convenience of everything in one location.

5) If a military spouse wants to partner with you regarding your app or have a social wall, what can they do to connect?

Partnership inquiries are always encouraged! Please send an email to contact@milsomuster.co for information or to reach out for partnerships. Milsomuster takes pride in partnering with small businesses and/or military & veteran owned.

6) What can we expect to look forward to in the future with Milsomuster? Do you have other projects you are working on and developing to expand your app?

Milsomuster is not just an app but a space for anything and everything military. We are currently working on expanding to even more resources with projects such as PCS moving services and resources, career placement/advancement, and even a subscription box. We are working hard to make this app your number one go to for everything regarding military!

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