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Spotlight: Rachelle, Owner and Creator of Sea to Sea with Love

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Hello! I’m Rachelle and I’m the owner and creator of Sea to Sea with Love. I’m a Navy wife and mom to three amazing kids! 

I started Sea to Sea with Love back in 2018 while my husband was deployed. A week after my husband left, I started making care packages for him. After the first few, I quickly learned how much I enjoyed making them-especially decorating the inside flaps with cute and silly sayings that I knew would brighten my husband’s day.

Rachelle and Family

After hearing from so many other military wives that they wished they were creative enough to make a decorated care package, I knew I wanted to step in and help them out. Whether it’s by taking the guesswork out of creating a theme or saving them time in the assembling process, I knew by creating premade care package flaps I would be helping military wives out in an already stressful time. 

Rachelle, owner and creator of Sea to Sea with Love

From there, Sea to Sea with Love was born! Sea to Sea with Love helps families share a piece of home with loved ones overseas (or across the country!) by making the care package decorating process so much easier! With simple peel-n-stick sticker kits, you can take your care packages to the next level.

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Learn more about Sea to Sea with Love on the website, which features The Ultimate Care Package Packing ListFREE download. Find Rachelle on our SHOP page, as well as Etsy and Spouse-ly!

New Thanksgiving designs coming Monday!

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