Written By: Brooke Collins, Founder of Team Dare to Move

We all have a day 1. We all have the fears.
We all have the doubt.
We all have the overwhelm.

& we all have the choice…

The choice to decide day one is better than “some day”.

It’s a hard choice to make because it feels like everything else is standing in our way but I think that’s the point, easy wouldn’t make the victory that exciting right?

My biggest transformations over the years have come from groups like I’m about to start tomorrow. One program, a group of women all starting together.

Some of us have been on this journey for a while and some are just starting out for the first time…but together we’re committing to 6 weeks of bettering our health from the inside out so we can be the best versions of ourselves for our families.

30 min workouts done right at home.
A group chat to hold each other accountable.
A community on Facebook of hundreds of women already crushing their journey.
And my mentorship every step of the way.

The choice to start is hard but we’re not in this alone and that’s what has always made the difference for me. The support. The friendships. The accountability. And the growth. It’s indescribable and I am SO excited for these ladies to get to experience that now.

If you’re reading this post thinking “gosh I need that” send me an email at brookecollinsfitness@gmail.com. I’d love for you to choose your day 1 alongside us.

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