Written By: Zohra @zohragalka

Hi, I am Zohra! I am a navy wife and a mom to two beautiful girls. I started this journey four years ago to just lose the baby weight. I hated working out, but over time I learned to love it because it helped with my postpartum depression. Movement became my medicine and I gained courage to share and help other women.

Try out Workout Moves for Lean and Strong Legs: Here are some of my favorite lower body workout moves with very minimal equipment which is great since some gyms are closed.

Workout moves:

-One legged hinge with light to medium loop 20 reps each leg

-One legged weighted bridge lift 60 seconds alternating legs

-Knee tap reverse jump lunge 60 seconds

-Squat hold burpee knee tuck with loop 60 seconds(Repeat three more times)

Make sure to stretch before and after your workout!

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