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As a busy mom, I felt stuck.

Are you a mom? A wife? A girlfriend? An employee? Are you just busy???? I am busy, I feel like my entire life I have always felt busy. I like that, it keeps me going, but it can also bring on stress and a lack of spare time. I have two young kids, I run a business, and as a military spouse we are always on the go.

As someone who liked buying and trying new makeup, I never felt like I loved how I looked. I felt like my makeup looked powdery, heavy, and by mid-way through the day, it just didn’t look fresh anymore. I was tired of spending forever on my makeup to get ready just to feel OK and not to feel gorgeous.

What I love about Maskcara is not only can I do my makeup in under 10 minutes, it has boosted my self confidence, and it lasts all day long. 

Today I am going to show you how to use one simple palette for your whole face.  Highlight and Contour is a phrase we use to describe how to apply your foundation.  Highlight is meant to brighten your face, draw people’s eyes to the light.  Contour defines the natural shadows of your face, and helps to give your face a 3D effect, which is why we call it your 3D foundation. 

If you ever found yourself feeling stuck in a rut, as I have, give Maskcara a try. As your personal artist you can feel confident that I will be here to color match you, help you decide on colors, and assist you anytime after you get your new makeup.

Youtube Tutorial: Super, Simple Everyday Makeup by @ashlee_jenn_meaux



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