Fitness and Nutrition Coach: Ashleigh Magee Coaching

Spotlight Interview By: Christina Etchberger We are happy to introduce Ashleigh Magee as our new Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Contributor! Read more about Ashleigh and all that she does for the military spouse and veteran community below. Here’s to a more fit and healthy lifestyle! 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself! What is… Continue Reading Fitness and Nutrition Coach: Ashleigh Magee Coaching

Think Brushing Teeth=Exercise Habits

Written By: Casey, IML Fitness Contributor What do you do??? YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH, DUH!!!!!! Gross analogy maybe but do you already know where I’m going with this? Hint: Think brushing teeth = healthy eating/exercise habits! You’ve committed and recommitted to brushing daily just to quit hundreds of times over…. You’ve been in a REALLY… Continue Reading Think Brushing Teeth=Exercise Habits