Super, Simple Everyday Makeup

Written By: Ashlee @ashlee_jenn_meaux As a busy mom, I felt stuck. Are you a mom? A wife? A girlfriend? An employee? Are you just busy???? I am busy, I feel like my entire life I have always felt busy. I like that, it keeps me going, but it can also bring on stress and a… Continue Reading Super, Simple Everyday Makeup

Spotlight: Ashlee Meaux-IML’s Makeup Collab

My name is Ashlee Meaux, and I am a military spouse and my husband is active duty in the Air Force.  When I met my husband in December of 2014, I had no idea what it meant to be with someone in the military.  We were living in California, where I was born and raised,… Continue Reading Spotlight: Ashlee Meaux-IML’s Makeup Collab