Author Spotlight: Carolyn Watkins

How do you handle the silence of a child when a parent is no longer in the house? I was that “silent” child. I understand you and your feelings. While growing up, I felt an abundance of love from my family, and that’s what gave me the confidence to write “The Knock…a collection of childhood… Continue Reading Author Spotlight: Carolyn Watkins

Author: Ryan and Kim Pease

  We are Ryan and Kim Pease and we are currently stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. We have been an Air Force family for 14 years and have 4 kids, ages 12, 10, 6, and 4. Have you ever thought about the immense sacrifice our military kids go through at any one of the… Continue Reading Author: Ryan and Kim Pease

What is Meditation + Overcoming Overthinking

Meditation is truly a non-doing, which goes against our social norms and can be challenging for those beginning. The practice takes shape in so many ways from sitting in self-reflection to listening to guided meditations and so many more. If one style does not work for you, explore others. Note that meditation is… Read More Continue Reading What is Meditation + Overcoming Overthinking

Finding Joy Where You are Stationed

If where we are stationed isn’t where we want to be and the appealing things are hard to find, how do we find those sparks of joy that leave us feeling content and happy with our current home? Read More Continue Reading Finding Joy Where You are Stationed

Love Notes Feature: Dr. and Mrs. Cletus Gilbert

Our first Love Notes Feature is the love story of Cletus and Shirley Gilbert. I was fortunate enough to speak with Dr. Cletus Gilbert about his early relationship and marriage to his late wife, Shirley. The love that he still so obviously feels for her is palpable in how he speaks of her and their… Continue Reading Love Notes Feature: Dr. and Mrs. Cletus Gilbert

PCS Must-Have: MILLIE Scout

MILLIE is a one-of-a-kind resource for military families that provides tools and assistance to make military moves as seamless as possible. We recently had the opportunity to speak with one of MILLIE’s ‘Scouts’, Jana, who shared more about MILLIE’s mission, resources, and benefits. There are 3 tiers to MILLIE:

InstantHandz App: Connecting the Military Community to Meaningful and Rewarding Work

InstantHandz customers include everyone in our communities who need affordable and reliable handiwork help with small-mid sized jobs around the home.  Many folks spend hours posting online to find assistance and end up unable to find someone with the necessary skills or cannot afford to pay contractor prices.  That’s where the InstantHandz Provider comes in.

I Found My Voice as an Independent Military Spouse

We reflected on our purpose as individuals, and active members of the military community. I understood now I could be both a military spouse, while keeping my identity as an person outside the military. All I had to do was know my setting may change, but I am the author of my own story. Continue Reading I Found My Voice as an Independent Military Spouse