Living in a “Not-So-Great” Place: 6 Ways to Make the Best Out of Living Somewhere You Don’t Like

This piece comes from Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and it is written by military teen Genevieve O. Thank you, Genevieve, for sharing your story! (Photo Credit: Genevieve O.) I’ve moved eleven times and while I have seen some beautiful, unique, and exciting places, I’ve dealt with some moves that did not lead to a […]

Spotlight: The Homeschool Project Podcast

Last year we decided that we were going to homeschool our children.  It was something that we had thought about for quite a while and we finally made the decision.  About 6 months ago we started the Homeschool Project Podcast to try and build a community for homeschool families and all those that might have interest in starting.   1) We are so excited […]

Spotlight: Becky Hoy and Brave Crate

How did Brave Crate get its start and how did it evolve into the brand it is today? “Brave Crate began when I sent a ‘self-care package’ to a friend who was counting down deployment.  I sent her self-care goodies like bath bombs and yummy treats along with self-development tools like planners, books and inspirational […]

Spotlight: Rebecca Hines and @Sadiegrace_xo

We are so excited to have Rebecca Hines @Sadiegrace_xo with us as our first Spotlight Interview: Children’s Edition. Rebecca is an Air Force wife, mother of three, and is especially passionate about her family’s journey regarding her daughter Sadie’s medical diagnosis. Her family has come together strong and empowered, for Sadie’s health and happiness, despite […]

Spotlight: Billie Jean Groncki

Billie Jean is a business consultant with Usborne Books and More. She is a military wife, and a mother to two adorable little ones. So excited to share about her amazing journey as a consultant for the Usborne Books and More company. Billie Jean loves working with such an amazing community that gets books in […]

It’s a Military Child Life

Looking for a virtual community for your military child?You are in luck, because we have one just for military children. Find our new page on our website! We also can be found on Facebook and Instagram, where we actively share resources and build community. Here you will find community among other military families who are […]

Spotlight: Liz McChesney

We are so excited to introduce Liz McChesney to our team as our Motivation and Resource Expert. I met Liz at a luncheon for a new spouse in our battalion. She was so energetic and positive, and her energy made others open up and get to know each other better. I’m so happy to have […]

Spotlight: Renee Walker

Renee Walker is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book My Letter to Daddy.  She was inspired to write the book for her children during her husband’s third deployment, and later published the book to support military children of all branches of service to express their various feelings during times of family separation or deployment.  […]

It’s a Military Life: 10 Fun Outside Activities to Do at Home

Whether you have children, a dog, or it’s just you and your significant other, it is so easy to waste away on the couch in front of the TV. I know, I am not making the best out of my free time, when Netflix asks me, “Are you still watching?” What Netflix is really saying […]

Spotlight Special: Spouse’s Best Friend

In light of it being Pet Appreciation Week, I wanted to shine a little spotlight on my furry best friend-Andie. Andie is my family’s little four year old morkie, who has been with us since the beginning. My husband and I welcomed her into our family right when we got married. The first time I […]