Minimizing Pantry Waste during a PCS

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready to move, and you probably have quite a few groceries left. I mean, when do you really stop buying groceries? After all, you have to feed yourself, your spouse, and likely some kids or fur babies. At first… Read More

Finding Joy Where You are Stationed

If where we are stationed isn’t where we want to be and the appealing things are hard to find, how do we find those sparks of joy that leave us feeling content and happy with our current home? Read More

Spotlight Special: Partners in PROMISE 2021 Military Special Education Survey

Information from Jennifer Barnhill at Partners in PROMISE and the original article Why Another Survey? Partners in PROMISE’s 2021 Military Special Education Survey and Official Press Release Partners in PROMISE was founded because we knew how powerful telling our personal stories would be. We are a storytelling organization, but we also want to do the […]

Spotlight Special: Nadia, Military Spouse and Real Estate Agent

Resources Provided By: Nadia Anac, Realtor, J.D. Meet Nadia! As an active duty military spouse, Nadia has first-hand knowledge of the need to buy or sell your home quickly and efficiently. Armed with a law degree, a background in business entrepreneurship, and a thorough understanding of the real estate market, Nadia uses the most up-to-date […]

Spotlight: Bryant, Mark, and Oliver from @thecozyhomegays

“Thank you so much Bryant, Marko, and little Oliver from @thecozyhomegays, for interviewing with It’s a Military Life for our Happy Home page launch and getting us excited for our theme week: Making a House a Home. We will be focusing on ways to make a house a home, with DIY projects, home decor advice, […]

Military Teen Perspective: How to Introduce Yourself

This piece comes from Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and it is written by military teen, Malayna S. Thank you, Maylayna, for sharing your story! The thing about constantly moving is that it’s hard to make friends. You move to a brand new place where you don’t know the people, the area, or the social […]

Living in a “Not-So-Great” Place: 6 Ways to Make the Best Out of Living Somewhere You Don’t Like

This piece comes from Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and it is written by military teen Genevieve O. Thank you, Genevieve, for sharing your story! (Photo Credit: Genevieve O.) I’ve moved eleven times and while I have seen some beautiful, unique, and exciting places, I’ve dealt with some moves that did not lead to a […]

A New Perspective: Turning Your Move Into the Ultimate Adventure

This piece comes from Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and it is written by military teen: Ash E. Thank you, Ash, for sharing your story! When thinking about your life as a military kid, it can be easy to focus on the negatives. Leaving everything you know behind over and over again is daunting, being […]