7 Things Military Teens Want You to Know

By Matthew Oh, co-founder and editor of Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen “If not for the military, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel to new places, meet new friends, and gain new experiences. To be a military child is truly a unique experience that I personally wouldn’t trade for anything.“ Matthew Oh The children […]

A New Perspective: Turning Your Move Into the Ultimate Adventure

This piece comes from Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and it is written by military teen: Ash E. Thank you, Ash, for sharing your story! When thinking about your life as a military kid, it can be easy to focus on the negatives. Leaving everything you know behind over and over again is daunting, being […]

Teen Perspective: It’s Cool to be Homeschooled!

This piece is by a military teen-Elena A. Thanks for sharing your story, Elena! Before high school, I had never been to public school before. For half of my life, I was homeschooled. I originally started homeschooling in 1st grade. My mom asked me whether I wanted to go to school for 6+ hours a […]

Spotlight: Co-founders of Bloom (Empowering Military Teens)

Elena Ashburn and Matthew Oh are the co-founders of Bloom, a platform designed to empower and inspire military teens. Born into the Army lifestyle, they have each moved countless times and have experienced the struggles of military life. “The two met during their freshman year of high school in Pennsylvania and were inseparable. Elena is […]