Spotlight Special: Brooke Collins, Founder of Team Dare to Move

Written By: Brooke Collins, Founder of Team Dare to Move We all have a day 1. We all have the fears.We all have the doubt.We all have the overwhelm. & we all have the choice… The choice to decide day one is better than “some day”. It’s a hard choice to make because it feels […]

Spotlight Special: Wendi, Founder of Strength 4 Spouses

My platform is a place to find hope, resources, inspiration, and most importantly inner strength through 4 pillars; fitness, faith, volunteerism, and finding purpose. Wendi Founder of Strength 4 Spouses 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey so far as a military spouse. My name is Wendi Iacobello. I have been an […]

Spotlight: Becky Hoy and Brave Crate

How did Brave Crate get its start and how did it evolve into the brand it is today? “Brave Crate began when I sent a ‘self-care package’ to a friend who was counting down deployment.  I sent her self-care goodies like bath bombs and yummy treats along with self-development tools like planners, books and inspirational […]

Spotlight: Patricia Allen, Military Spouse and IML’s Contributing Nutritionist

We are so excited to officially welcome Patricia Allen as one of our contributors for the It’s a Military Life community. Check out her weekly nutrition Facebook posts for #tacoboutnutritiontuesday. “My name is Patricia Allen, I’m a mom of two, mil spouse of 7 years with my loving husband. In 2013, I earned a Bachelors […]